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Sweets and Treats Suppliers

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Lily O'Brien's Chocolates

Fruity Gift

1 deal -10% Discount
From £28.95

Aylin Sweets

From £280

Knead a Little Love - Vegan Donuts

1 deal -5% Discount
From £100

Pick Mix Gift

1 deal -3% Discount
From £150

The Shropshire Candy Cart Co

1 deal -5% Discount
From £70

Poptails by Lapp

From £35

Kensal Sugar Kitchen

2 deals -5% Discount
From £25

The Trike by The Stackable Pancake Co.

2 deals -5% Discount
From £300

Delicious Dreams Ice Creams

1 deal -10% Discount
From £225

Mr Sher's Ice Cream & Desserts

1 deal -5% Discount
From £250

Angie's Ice Cream

1 deal -5% Discount
From £50

Candy Sensations

From £200

Compass Circle

1 deal -3% Discount
From £100

Cookies and Cones

Chocolate Fountain Heaven

From £350


1 deal -10% Discount
From £99

ACHE for Cake

From £250

Sweet Dreams Candy Cart

1 deal -10% Discount
From £60

Funky Fountains

From £295

Gwynne's Ice Cream

1 deal -10% Discount
From £150

Sevanetti Ice Cream Bikes

From £275


1 deal -10% Discount
From £1.25

Wildflour Tarts

From £48

Turner's Traditional - Ice Cream Tricycle


From £14.95

Crumbs and Doilies

Essie Bun

From £120

Chloe's Candy Cart Company

Create A Craft

1 deal -3% Discount
From £2

Something Sweet

1 deal -10% Discount
From £100

Marley Rose Cakes

1 deal -10% Discount
From £50

Sweets for my Sweet

1 deal
From £210

Sugar Rush

From £15

Jitterbug Candy Cart

From £80

Emily's Lollies

From £7

Wedding Deals in Your Area

Wedding Sweets and Sweet Suppliers

A sweet buffet, dessert table or candy cart is a great way to keep your guests happy and can be an effective replacement for wedding favours. There are lots of suppliers who can take the hard work out your hands and put together a sweet table or pick ‘n’ mix bar that would make Willy Wonka proud.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s even more suppliers here to fall in love with. There are ice cream bikes, waffle bars, candy floss stalls, bespoke doughnuts, and 99 Flake vans. Make sure you’ve stocked up on snacks before you start searching through these delicious suppliers!

How to Make the Perfect Sweet Table

Firstly, you need sweets or desserts that you actually enjoy eating. As visually appealing as some sweet tables look, you want one stacked with crowd-pleasing treats that guests will want to pick from all night long. Consider having lots of textures, such as chewy sweets, crunchy popcorn, creamy chocolate and something more toothsome like brownie bites, macarons or cake pops.

What you serve will be partly dependent on the time of year of your wedding - chocolate will melt into a sticky mess on a hot summer’s day, but a chocolate fountain with warm running chocolate will be ideal in winter.

Think about your colour scheme – it looks extra effective if you can match your sweets to your chosen wedding colour scheme. For example, pick sweets in pink hues for a visually stunning display at a pink-themed wedding.

Consider the extras – what will your sweet treat table come with? If it’s on a cart or a designated table, do you need to supply the table cloth? Are scoops included in the hire? And do you need signs so your guests know what they’re eating (and the allergens)? What jar size will work?

Buying all the jars and scoops can get costly and you’ll need space to store them after the wedding. It’s much easier to rent them from a sweets and treats supplier or hire them to put together the whole thing and set-up on the day.

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